With Halloween approaching the Watford Observer has again joined forces with Watford Museum to recall some spooky stories from the town's past.

Today's subject is a headless ghost is still said to walk in Cassiobury Park.

In October 1841, Adela wrote in her diary about listening to hear Grandmamma tell ghost stories at Cassiobury. Mystery and tragedy run in the family of residents.

Hillingdon Times:

For example royalist Arthur Capel was an important figure in the Civil War. He was captured by the Parliamentarians and charged with treason and rebellion. He was sentenced to beheading at the Tower of London. As he stood on the scaffold, his last request was that his heart should be taken from his body and placed in a silver box at the feet of Charles I in his grave.

It was found this wish had never come true with the grisly discovery of the box over sixty years later. His heart was placed in the family vault, but his headless ghost is still said to walk the park around 9th March each year.

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