FAMILIES on the Racecourse estate in Northolt were invited to a bit of socially-distanced trick-or-treating by two people at the heart of the community.

Lisa and Jason Cole put on some impromptu concerts on the estate during lockdown to raise funds for NHS charities. Jason drew the crowds with his Elvis impersonations.

Lisa told us: “Hallowe’en is not dead - in Northolt! Every year we put on an outdoor display, but this year we are went the extra mile to keep the atmosphere going.

“Many events have been cancelled this year, due to COVID, but we didn’t let it kill Hallowe’en.

“We invited trick-or-treaters to hunt us down in Kempton Avenue."

Unlike the ‘Elvis’ concerts in the summer, this wasn't for charity. It was mainly for parents who didn't want to take their children trick-or-treating, due to COVID.

Sound effects, lighting and smoke machines were all on the bill and Lisa promises even better for Christmas!