Just in time for Halloween a competition has been launched encouraging people to share their freakiest finds after moving into their new homes. 


When Linda Spevick moved into her new home in Harrow she did not expect to find a bone marrow jar left by the house’s previous occupants. 


The ‘Virol Bone Marrow’ jar dates to the 20th century. 


This sinister concoction is not so spooky as it first may appear. 


The jar used to contain vitamins which would be given to children to strengthen their bones. 


Spevick shared her frightening find as part of a competition launched by sofa and carpet specialist, ScS.


Some of the strangest entries submitted so far include; ouija boards, human teeth, satanic markings and a glass eye.


Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at ScS, said: “With the property market up and running again, many people will be moving into new homes, but who knows what they might find when they do?”


“Amongst the entries sent in so far, there have been old pants, wooden legs and how to get away with murder books, as well as some things that really should be left in the bathroom!”


“We have been shocked at some of the strange things people have discovered and others have given us a good laugh!”


To enter the competition for a chance to win an £850 sofa, share your unusual new house discoveries here.