Woking cinema has been transformed from a cinema past its time to one of the most modern in the country 

The cinema in Woking has now been closed for over a year, however, will now be reopening for the public to watch after a large renovation. It now has many new modern features, such as a laser-projected screen. This new feature will give viewers a chance to view the film in high quality, whilst also offering the chance to view films in 3D, which is a feature rarely seen in most cinemas. Furthermore, there is a special type of sound called Dolby Atmos sound, which makes the viewer of the film feel like they are at the scene, due to the sound is coming from all around them. All these new features will make the cinema stand out.  

The cinema will have eight screens, giving it a large capacity for viewers. Furthermore, the cinemas are specially designed to be Covid secure, with luxurious seats spread out across the cinema. Alternatively, they are also available for private hire, and media events, giving the cinema even more uses. On top of this, there are also cafés and restaurants, giving the cinema a very modern look  

The cinema has now been rebranded as the ‘Nova’ cinema, after stars, and will be part of the many renovations that are going on in the town, hopefully making the town attract more visitors and grow. The cinema will certainly help do this with its high-tech features and will hopefully be successful.