THE victim of a hit-and-run in Uxbridge has approved the release of footage that shows the moment of impact that left him with life-changing injuries.

Nahome Rezene, 23, of Newcourt, Cowley, was jailed for five years on Wednesday (30) for dangerous driving and failing to stop and report a collision.

It was in November last year that police targeting burglars indicated for a blue Mercedes in Uxbridge to stop. It failed to do so.

They pursued it into Breakspear Road and Harefield Road, Uxbridge, during which Rezene drove at 80mph in 30mph zones on the wrong side of the road.

At the junction of Harefield Road and Uxbridge high street, he failed to stop and hit the victim, who was on a zebra crossing.

The pursuing officers gave first aid to the victim until an ambulance arrived.

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Rezene collided with another vehicle and a bus, causing further injuries to two people.

The Mercedes was so badly damaged he fled on foot, dropping his coat. It was found by a police dog.

Other officers found heroin valued at £2,500 inside the Mercedes.

CCTV also showed Rezene had thrown cocaine, worth £12,500, from the car window.

He eventually handed himself in at Hayes police station in January.

PC Kevin McLean said: “The CCTV footage of Rezene’s driving is horrendous and my heart goes out to the victim who has suffered life-changing injuries.”

The footage can be seen here.