A NATURE reserve at Cranford, close to Heathrow, is to get a funding boost to help restore its grassland habitat.

London Wildlife Trust is celebrating an award of £11,944.00 from SUEZ Communities Trust for the Grazing Out West project at Huckerby’s Meadows.

The meadows sit on the western banks of the River Crane and opened to the public in 2017 following years of restoration work.

They will be grazed with cattle, while volunteers and contractors cut alternate areas of the fields and pastures to encourage plants, pollinators and invertebrates.

The project will be contributing to a wider conservation grazing project across five nature reserves in Hillingdon.
Edwin Malins, the trust’s nature reserves manager, said “This award enables us to accelerate our work to restore a wildflower-rich haven.

“This nature reserve is right on the perimeter of Heathrow Airport and shows that wildlife can flourish in the urban landscape.

“Part of the area we are restoring used to be a car park, so this nature reserve has come a long way.”

SUEZ Communities Trust makes awards through its Landfill Communities Fund.