Over 3,000 West Hertfordshire NHS workers have received the Covid-19 vaccine.

The West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust kickstarted its vaccination programme to staff members last Monday (January 4), as at least some of the process was distributed with the help of Watford FC at the Team West Hertfordshire sanctuary.

And over the week since the process began, the trust reports over 3,000 vaccinations to its staff members.

Yesterday it was announced around two million people in the UK have been given at least the first jab for the vaccine, with around 2.4 million jabs – meaning nearly 400,000 second jabs - given in total.

Many NHS workers at West Hertfordshire hospitals thanked both the trust and Watford FC for the help provided.

Watford FC relaunched its sanctuary last week to provide a safe-space away from the pandemic for NHS staff members, and the space is now being utilised for some vaccinations.

Near the start of the pandemic in April, space at Vicarage Road was originally set aside for bedrooms, training areas for young nursers and counselling rooms, as Watford hospital staff tackled the first wave of the virus.

Separately in Hertfordshire, Robertson House in Stevenage was thanked for its “amazing response” as one of seven ‘superhubs’ in England, capable of delivering thousands of Covid vaccines a week.