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The intu name on Watford’s shopping centre has been removed, a new picture shows, potentially hinting that a new name may be coming soon.

Intu Watford has updated its profile picture across its social media platforms today (Wednesday) which shows the intu name on Watford’s shopping mall gone.

The updated picture now only shows the word ‘Watford’, with a blank space where the word ‘intu’ used to sit.

However, the name ‘intu Watford’ still remains on social media despite the updated profile picture.

Intu Watford has been asked about the removal of the intu branding and whether it hints that a new name is coming soon.

intu Watford was taken over by Global Mutual last October, a company managing £4.2 billion of global assets, primarily in retail.

The deal secured the future of the shopping centre after intu Properties plc fell into administration in June with huge debts.

After the takeover, it was announced that the existing name and branding on Watford’s shopping centre was set to stay in place for an "interim period".

Hillingdon Times: Watford's shopping mall with the intu branding Watford's shopping mall with the intu branding

Readers have been calling out for intu Watford to be renamed the Harlequin, the original name of Watford’s shopping mall.

A Watford Observer poll found that out of 2,185 readers, some 90 per cent of want the change to be made.

The Harlequin was how the shopping centre was originally known by when it was owned by Capital Shopping Centres from 1992-2013, before the company rebranded itself into intu.

Last year several readers left their opinions on rebranding Watford’s shopping mall the Harlequin – Debbie Attwell said most people still call it that.

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She said: “As everyone has said, people never stopped calling it The Harlequin. It makes sense to change it back rather than add another random name.”

Watford resident Denis Kumar agreed, saying: “I lived in Watford for a good seven years, and like the majority here, also think the shopping and leisure complex should get back its name Harlequin.”

Dawn Leatherland said: “To me it will always be called the Harlequin, it don't matter what name they give it, it will always be called the Harlequin to most people that shop and live around the area.”

Last year we requested an update from the management at intu Watford on when a name change could be expected, and what it may become.

Vicki Costello, centre director, responded: "We are delighted to hear of the public interest and enthusiasm in what the new name of the centre will be.

"At present, and due to the transition process, we are not in a position to confirm this and for now we will remain as intu Watford."