Mysterious flying objects have been spotted on several occasions in Watford.

Gary Copsey, a worker for Veolia at the Wiggenhall Depot, said he is positive the unidentified flying objects he spotted on January 6 were not drones.

White lights with small flickers of red and green began to shine above some trees, and naturally Mr Copsey initially assumed they were drones.

But upon closer inspection when pulling in to Thomas Sawyer Way, he noticed the lights flickering near Watford General Hospital.

“I must admit it was weird really weird, and a little unnerving to be honest,” said Mr Copsey.

Hillingdon Times: One of the sightings in Watford - what do you think the objects are?One of the sightings in Watford - what do you think the objects are?

About six lights are said to have been moving and “chasing” each other, moving “way faster” than a drone could.

“I was so shocked at what I was seeing I nearly dropped my phone and approached a passer-by as I honestly couldn’t believe no one else could not see what I was seeing.”

And in motion, it remains difficult to identify what it is.

Mr Copsey says he is positive that they were not drones due to the speed, and the size of the objects - which legally would require a license to be flown in the area.

He continued: “What I also couldn’t believe is that I was literally out the window of my van on the other videos as well as on foot and no one seemed to even bat an eyelid, I would have asked a guy I saw passing as I honestly thought I was going crazy, but I thought he might just say he couldn’t see what I was seeing.”

Days later on January 11, more pictures were sent to the Watford Observer by reader Bhavna Katwa.

At the moment it is unclear what the lights are, and they have not been identified.

Last September, dozens of reports of UFO sightings were revealed after previously confidential Government files were published.

The files show 21 reports of unidentified flying objects made from people across Hertfordshire between 1997 and 2009.

Several reports were made in Watford involving teddy bear-shaped objects, moon-sized balloons and red and yellow stars.

What do you think the lights are? Have you seen similar lights or mysterious objects? Let us know in the comments.