The Disney store appears to have become another shop at intu Watford that has closed its doors for good.

Watford’s shopping mall has lost stores including Debenhams and John Lewis during the coronavirus pandemic, but a photo suggests that the Disney store has become another much-loved shop to go.

The picture snapped by Sally Shiers on Friday shows all the Disney branding removed from the shop unit where the store has sat for several years.

Google also states that the Disney store at intu Watford has permanently closed, while the store is not listed on Disney’s website.

When Disney was asked if the store had been closed for good, a spokesperson said: "In line with current advice and evolving public health and Government guidelines our Watford store has been closed down. As of this moment we do not have any information for re-openings."

Intu Watford has also been contacted by the Observer.

Ms Shiers, who lives in Watford, said she has grown up with Watford’s Disney Store and said its closure would be “another sad knock for Watford”.

Speaking about her memories of the store, she said: “I think many people in Watford grew up with it, it lost the magic in the last few years but it definitely initially when it first opened it had the Disney magic.

“When it first opened there was a great big section in the middle with all cuddly toys, they had characters from the Disney films who used to come along and the customer service used to be amazing there, you used to have people greeting you when you went in.

“It was like a mini–Disney land.”