A SIXTH-form student has revealed how his desire to help during the pandemic led to him supporting doctors and nurses on the COVID frontline at Hillingdon Hospital.

George Ryan hopes his account of the harrowing scenes he witnessed will serve as a warning to others about the importance of following COVID rules.

The 18-year-old’s main duties involved supporting patients by taking observations, helping with meals and transporting them to other areas.

George, who is volunteering with St John Ambulance, said the motivation to assist outweighs the risks he faces.

The A-level student at Space Studio West London, Feltham, said: “I was a little bit anxious initially about being around COVID-positive patients.

“However, as soon as I walked on to the ward and saw the severity of their distress, I just wanted to help them all as much as I could.”

George, who plans to become a paramedic, has spent the last two and a half years volunteering for St John.

He initially spent time shadowing a nurse at Hillingdon Hospital before taking on his current duties, which he juggles with studying biology, psychology and history.

George revealed there was a very personal reason behind his decision to begin volunteering for St John.

“Almost three years ago, my dad had an accident and came off his motor bike. He was in bad shape and shattered both of his ankles.

“Thanks to medical staff who treated him, he made a full recovery, but seeing him that way made me appreciate everyone who helped him and I realised that I wanted to do the same.’’