Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker read a bedtime story for children in the Watford area.

Whittaker, who currently stars as the Thirteenth Doctor in the hit British sci-fi, joined the Wonderworks Nursery in Leavesden’s Warner Bros Studios to read out ‘My Big Shouting Day', by Rebecca Patterson.

The nursery was set up as a first in the UK to provide flexible childcare led by Warner Media staff for cast and film crews in the filming industry during tiring production hours.

Wonderworks is being continuously supported by Warner Bros Studios and much of the furniture is made up of old film props.

Over the past few weeks, Wonderworks has featured different celebrities on its Facebook page to read bedtime stories to children around Watford.

The Time Lord is among the latest of celebrities to take part in the Wonderworks bedtime stories.

Whittaker described 'My Big Shouting Day' as one of her "favourite" books.

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