One Vision has teamed up with various local partners to offer free transportation to local vaccination centres.

In a push to help those eligible for vaccines get to their nearest vaccination centre, the community charity has partnered with Watford Hub, Met Coaches and the British Union Conference to sort out minibus journeys.

The service is free and is likely to be useful to vulnerable patients who need a safe way to travel to their vaccination centre.

Jim McManus, director of Public Health for Hertfordshire, has praised the scheme and said: “I just wanted to say that getting a vaccination is probably one of the most important things in a pandemic to protect yourself when you’re eligible.

“I know some people find it difficult to get to vaccination centres, so this project where One Vision, Met Coaches, and the British Union conference community services teamed up to get people to vaccination centres is fantastic.

“it’s the kind of thing we need, it’s the kind of thing that will save lives.”

The West Herts Charity Trust also contributed to a new vehicle for One Vision to continue on their work.

Enoch Kanagaraj, chairman of One Vision, said: "I strongly recommend to get this one (the pandemic) over by taking part in the vaccination programme the government has brought to us."

Both Mr Kanagaraj and Harjit Singh, chair of trustees at One Vision and Watford Interfaith have taken the Covid-19 vaccine and are actively encouraging all community groups to have theirs once eligible.

For more information contact One Vision on 01923372699 or email