A BEAUTY spot has been revitalised, opening it up to more visitors, thanks to a donation from an Uxbridge firm.

Colne Valley Park Trust received £10,000 from Coca-Cola European Partners to support the upkeep of woodland, protecting the habitat of a host of wildlife including butterflies and insects, as well as plants and flowers, such as bluebells.

The trust also repaired footpaths to prevent erosion and ensure they are in the best possible condition for walkers.

During lockdown, more visitors than ever have been visiting Colne Valley for exercise.

The trust has also been able to provide online training for its team of 90 river rangers, to educate them on river monitoring, ecology and biodiversity.

Rangers wear T-shirts to help visitors clearly identify them and easily report any issues or damage.

The donation is part of a long-term relationship between Coca-Cola and Colne Valley Park Trust, in which the firm initiated litter picks and engage with volunteers.

Debbie Valman, a trustee, said: “More people than ever have been enjoying walks in Colne Valley and we want to make sure the park remains a beautiful place for people to visit.”