A new online tool collates every single Covid-19 statistic into a single site.

The tracker, created by University of Edinburgh student George Karabassis, is one the most extensive collections of pandemic data on the internet.

The site shows advanced data for every country in the world and can even be broken down further to local authority data.

Click on the link to see for yourself: www.ncovtrack.com.

Users can find: total Covid cases, total deaths, how many people have recovered , active cases, critical cases, vaccine doses administered and total tests administered.

Mr Karanassis, a computer science student, said: “There wasn’t a complete website to get the Covid-19 related information that one wanted in their area, they had to jump from website to website to get the latest information.

“I came up with an idea to create the most detailed Covid-19 and vaccine tracker which will automatically update with the most recent information from the original government sources.”