Sian Berry has today (March 25) officially launched her campaign to become Mayor of London with a promise to “stand alongside millions of renters”.

The Green Party candidate has previously outlined plans to make London “the most trans inclusive city in the world” and to scrap TfL’s zone system to flatten fares, but today focused on her plans to support London’s renters.

Ms Berry said: “As a private renter myself, I know the reality of being a tenant in London. As Mayor, I will stand alongside millions of renters like me to strengthen our rights. I will push the Government until London gets the powers we need, and I will work with Mayors from other cities to get it done.”

“Almost every other major city has lower rents than London. Almost every other EU country has better protections for tenants. London needs a Mayor who will be a real champion for renters, bringing down skyrocketing rents, and bringing up the standards of housing. We’ve waited too long for the current Mayor to act. It’s time for a Green Mayor.”

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Plans to support renters include pushing for more devolved power to set up a Rent Commission in London that will place controls on private rents, as well as imposing a two-year rent freeze while a new, inclusive London Living Rent is calculated.

Having sat on the London Assembly since 2016, Ms Berry has also been the Green Party’s candidate for Mayor of London on two previous occasions in 2008 and 2016, coming third in the last election behind eventual winner Sadiq Khan and Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith.

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Speaking at the launch today, Sian Berry said: “This May, Londoners have a real chance to put more Greens in power.

“We’re showing record results in the polls already and getting a great response from Londoners across the city to our ideas, and that will only increase as they hear more from our campaign up to May 6.”