THE four main candidates for the London Mayoral election have come out against Heathrow expansion in what campaigners describe as a ‘true barometer’ of London’s opinion on the issue.

Speaking by video to the No 3rd Runway Coalition, the candidates cited environmental concerns, such as noise. Another major concern was air pollution.

The Government is yet to formally drop plans to expand Heathrow, though it has expressed environmental and financial concerns over the project.

Sadiq Khan, Labour Party candidate, said: “A third runway would be worse for those who live near the airport and would undermine efforts to combat the climate emergency.”

Shaun Bailey, Conservative, said: ”My opposition to a third runway is based on clear evidence, which is incompatible with my plan to clean up air in London.”

Louisa Porritt, Liberal Democrat, said: “I’m going to fight this all the way. The case for airport expansion anywhere right now has completely collapsed.”

Sian Berry, Green Party, added: “Greens have been at the heart of campaigning against Heathrow expansion for decades. We’ve seen it off before and together we will do so again.”