One third of Watford Borough Council's seats are up for election on May 6.

The council is responsible for planning, refuse collection, parking, parks, environmental health and administering benefits.

The main political parties are all represented in every ward, as well as some smaller parties and one independent. Two seats are to be filled in Nascot ward after the resignation of Jane Johnson

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But what are the parties' policies and what are they promising? Scroll down to find out.


When you were growing up in Watford or when you moved here, did you imagine you would find yourself in just another over-developed suburb of London? A new wave of high-rises leading to a ‘mini-Manhattan’ in the heart of our town?

The tired one-party rule of Lib Dems in Watford and Three Rivers is coming to an end, with mistake after mistake leading to this overdevelopment crisis. The proper response to housing targets should be to have an up-to-date and well-drafted local plan to meet local needs - not panicky endorsements of 28-storey tower blocks.

Binita Mehta-Parmar is deputy chairman of Watford Conservatives and candidate for Nascot ward

Binita Mehta-Parmar is deputy chairman of Watford Conservatives and candidate for Nascot ward

Watford needs a fresh start and we set out in our Plan for Watford ( a positive agenda for change – constructive ideas to make Watford a better place to live.

We’ll focus on core services – we’ll stop wasting money on vanity projects for selfies and photo-opportunities. With the money saved, we’ll stop raising money from stealth taxes like the gardening tax. We want to build a town with improved green spaces, reinvigorated shopping areas, a revitalised Watford Market, a centre of health excellence, support for local businesses and safe streets.

We ask everyone who shares our vision of Watford to vote Conservative for a new direction.

  • Binita Mehta-Parmar is deputy chairman of Watford Conservatives and candidate for Nascot ward


I am very proud to stand as an Independent Borough Council Candidate for Central Ward where I live. So, why vote for me? If I was elected as an Independent councillor, this would allow me the benefit of being able to make decisions based on what residents want, rather than what the Party/Whip wants. Being Independent is about putting people before politics.

I would bring to the role a wealth of experience in business (professional handyman, 17yrs), in Education (teacher 26yrs) and in Politics (local campaigner - 12yrs). I continue to work as a teacher in a local school. In addition to this (Since 2011), I have worked tirelessly as a volunteer with the community to campaign on issues that really matter to residents.

Independent Central Watford candidate Dennis Wharton

Independent Central Watford candidate Dennis Wharton

Some of the campaigns I am currently involved in are: a) Save Watford Market – rethink, relocate, rebrand; b) Expand, improve cycling infrastructure; c) Scrap the Rubbish Tax and stop fly tipping; d) Consider providing affordable car ports and ease parking congestion; e) Introduce new Smart Bin Scheme to stop littering; f) Extend CPZ times (implemented!).

By Voting Dennis Wharton, you will get a strong voice in local government. A local choice, for local people, who believes sincerely that Community Matters!


Watford residents, like many across the country, have seen their lives change due to the pandemic. Priorities have changed - our wants and needs are more important than ever.

We know that seldom social and affordable housing has been delivered for Watford despite numerous planning applications being approved and is why Labour wants to increase the affordable housing target for our borough.

For this to work properly, we need to embrace other shopping areas, Watford’s shopping areas. Rather than a catalogue of closures, we will invest in our shopping areas beyond that of the high street so the local economy can truly thrive and we can return to the bustle of Watford which we know and love.

However, this needs to be clean and green. This is why we are reiterating our commitment to achieving our net zero carbon emission goals. We will work with the county council and bus operators to reduce congestion in Watford so we have a better, greener and more efficient public transport system.

Clr Nigel Bell is Labour group leader on Watford Borough Council

Cllr Nigel Bell

It is vital residents are listened to by councillors on issues that impact them - whether it be overdevelopment, accessibility, parking or tackling climate change. Labour will put residents at its heart.

  • Cllr Nigel Bell is leader of Watford Labour Group and West Watford county councillor

Liberal Democrat

Local councillors must be local champions who get things done for their community. The Watford Liberal Democrat team of candidates are capable, caring and will work hard for their neighbourhood and the town.

During the Covid pandemic Watford’s Liberal Democrat-run council has helped the NHS, making the Town Hall available for vaccinations and securing investment in Watford General. We have supported local businesses by providing advice, paying grants, improving Clarendon Road and St Albans Road and launched our ‘Shop Local’ campaign. We have continued to improve our parks, opening Oxhey Activity Park and launched the popular beryl bike scheme. We have reduced rough sleeping, made Watford a more dementia friendly town and made sure that residents can rely on good services, with bin collections continuing throughout the pandemic.

Lib Dem candidates Joe Inniss, Dawn Allen-Williamson and Ian Stotesbury

Lib Dem candidates Joe Inniss, Dawn Allen-Williamson and Ian Stotesbury

As well as delivering real improvements to the town, these candidates will always put the interests of local residents first – standing up against unfair and unrealistic Conservative housing targets and fighting for better local services.

Liberal Democrat councillors are local champions who work hard for their area, listen to residents and keep in touch all year round. If elected, they will focus on leading our town’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19.


I AM the Reform UK candidate for the Oxhey ward and Central Watford and Oxhey.

I, like many others, feel that currently the main political parties do not represent any significant difference to one another any longer.

They have become stale, unimaginative and depressingly detached from open debate.

Instead they hide behind restrictive speech policies that nobody who is outside the political sphere can comprehend.

They seem only too pleased to divert attention from genuine concerns and turn them into divisive and hectoring, round robin arguments.

Neal Webber is the Reform UK candidate for the Oxhey ward and Central Watford & Oxhey

Neal Webber is the Reform UK candidate for the Oxhey ward and Central Watford & Oxhey

Reform UK is not here to follow the status quo, but to be a genuine alternative voice in the room, to give a viable platform on the ballot paper to voters that increasingly feel lost, disenfranchised, and despairing of the current political landscape.

This gives the voter an opportunity to voice their concerns, via a party machine that has the experience and proven track record of delivering a genuine challenge and change within British and European politics.

  • Neal Webber is standing in both Watford Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council elections

Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

For Decent Jobs and Equality: We call for a £10 minimum wage, leading to £15 per hour. We say no to zero hour contracts. We will fight against immigrant workers being made scapegoats and will tackle workers’ exploitation. We oppose racism and fascism and stand for equality for all.

Homelessness: We call for the ‘Everybody In’ scheme launched at the beginning of the pandemic to be continued indefinitely.

Housing: For publicly owned council housing and a mass building program to provide high quality, environmentally friendly housing at social rents.

Overdevelopment: For a mass campaign for restoration of local government support grants, an end to overdevelopment to maximise council financial returns, investment in infrastructure to keep pace with development.

Stop school funding cuts: We stand for good, free education for all under democratic local authority control. We call for reinstatement of education maintenance allowances to £30 per week and the abolition of student loans. We call for an Increase in spending for youth facilities & leisure centres.

Restore bus services: Public transport is vital, particularly the elderly. We will reinstate the subsidies of bus services which were cut from 2007 and will fight to bring our local transport services under public ownership.

Restore street lighting in all areas: Street lighting is essential for public safety , we will fight for all lighting to be restored as soon as possible.

  • The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is fielding candidates in Watford borough, Three Rivers district and Hertfordshire County Council elections.