A baby bank which provides baby products for families in Wealdstone and across Harrow is up and running.

Wealdstone Baby Bank opened its doors on April 16 at Wealdstone Methodist Church in Locket Road.

The project is run with support from Harrow Citizens, an alliance of local community groups taking action for the common good through community organising.

The new baby bank aims to respond to the inequalities and hardship that have exacerbated during pandemic.

Products which can be picked up at the baby bank include food, prams, baby seats, and clothes.

The team of volunteers behind Wealdstone Baby Bank come from a range of different backgrounds. They are inspired by Babybanks set up by Citizens UK in Peckham and Lewisham, which also provided a space for new parents to build relationships with one another, access health visitors and receive training in community organising.

The baby bank has opened at Wealdstone Methodist Church

The baby bank has opened at Wealdstone Methodist Church

Families are encouraged to drop off donations in Wealdstone of baby and toddler clothes, toys and equipment such as cots by getting in touch at w.babybank@gmail.com to arrange a drop off time.

Parents looking to visit the Baby Bank can do so on Fridays between 10am and midday without needing a referral.

Volunteers are also welcome and those interested in helping out can contact the baby bank via the email address above

Aghileh Djafari-Marbini, a parent governor at Belmont Primary School and member of the Mahfil Ali Muslim community, said: "It’s so easy for parents to feel isolated, especially during lockdown. We’re so pleased to be opening up this safe community space on Friday mornings. Come along and see it for yourself."

Kathryn Upton, a member of the congregation at Wealdstone Methodists and mother of four, said: "We’ve had a steady flow of parents coming in on our first day of opening, it’s really encouraging and we’re looking forward to welcome, support and connect with even more parents in the future."

School, GP surgeries, children’s centres, faith groups and other community groups are also asked to get in touch with Harrow Citizens and the baby bank to see how those organisations can help raise awareness about this new facility for families in Harrow.