Labour’s incumbent Ealing and Hillingdon London Assembly member Dr Onkar Sahota will hold on to his seat after winning a majority of the vote share.

Labour Party candidate Dr Sahota gained 85,216 votes, after voters cast their ballots on 6 May.

Dr Sahota beat the Conservative Party candidate Gregory Stafford, who won the second highest number of votes, at 76,974.

The incumbent has been a member of the London Assembly since 2012, after taking the Ealing and Hillingdon seat from Conservative former Deputy London Mayor Richard Barnes.

Speaking before the announcement, Dr Sahota said: “I am glad that the voters of Ealing and Hillingdon have given me the opportunity of serving them again. I won the seat nine years ago and I’m glad that I have maintained the trust of the people.

“I want to hold the mayor to account on the promises made in the manifesto and issues that have been raised with me during my election campaign to make sure that London is responsible for the needs of Londoners.

"I want to make sure we have a cleaner, healthier city which is prosperous and delivers jobs and jobs and jobs, to my constituents in London.”