I have to confess I am not a great fan of social media; I much prefer the truth, as unpalatable it so often may be.

That said, there is currently circulating online a caricature of the wedding of Boris Johnson to Carrie Symonds, she resplendent in her £3,000 dress. With a nodding reference to a film of the past the revamped title is “Three Weddings and 150,000 Funerals”. The humour of course relates to the fact that they were allowed to marry in a Catholic church. Marriage ordained in any other religious institution is clearly not valid according to the Catholic authorities. Unbelievable nonsense and how glad I am personally to have extracted myself from such a hypocritical religion some years ago now. Atheism might just produce a better and more realistic world!

The depressing figure of 150,000 funerals is no laughing matter. The incompetence of our Conservative government must be held accountable for many of these deaths. Mike Jackson, in his letter of March 28, rightly points out that the Government is given credit by some of the electorate for the success of the vaccine programme when in reality it is the NHS and ancillary workers who should be credited. I would also add the brilliance of the scientists, both male and female. Simply stunning!

Johnson being the individual he is, will, we can be assured, con many of the public into believing it is he and his cohorts who are saving the day.

He is now, after all a good and reconciled Catholic. Just one of the many deceits he employs to stay in power.

Francis Durham

Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth