aving experienced first-hand the benefits of British support, Colin Jackson has backed a Home Support campaign to boost British Olympic prospects this summer.

The Olympic silver-medallist stressed how important British support is for the athletes going to Tokyo, and how the campaign will help back athletes as they head to the Olympics without the presence of home fans.

Jackson himself remembers receiving messages from fans whilst he raced at four different Olympic Games.

“Home support is always really important,” said the former world record holder, who is working with Purplebricks to encourage the nation to get behind Team GB on their journey to Tokyo.

“I loved hearing people's familiar voices, shouting your name at those moments as you entered into the stadium to compete.

“That just made me a little bit more settled and those messages of support from home are a lovely thing.

“The athletes in Tokyo will find competing without the crowds not such a big deal though because their mindset, their focus, will be solely on their performance.

“It's that magic of the Olympic Games that give athletes that little extra boost that they need.

“They'll know that they are being pushed and that everyone will be cheering them from home and it’s campaigns like the Purplebricks one that helps with that.

“The Olympic Games is going to be a massive event on the television. It is for us to support and to remember to support, but also something that can inspire so many youngsters for the future.

“Olympics are so special. These few weeks can change the lives of so many young people and I think that's really exciting.”

Jackson is working with Purplebricks on their Home Support campaign and yesterday unveiled a specially commissioned mural in his hometown Cardiff – one of 10 unique walls of art that will be appearing across the country to inspire home support for Team GB.

The unique murals, created by a local artist and school children will appear in a pop-up 'relay' across England, Wales, and Scotland in the lead up to the Games at the end of July.

The street artist, Bradley Woods, had the help of local school children from Ninian Park Primary School to put his vision for the mural together.

Woods said: “I jumped at the chance to work on the Purplebricks campaign, especially working with the kids.

“They came up with really fresh ideas and my main inspiration came from all the kids’ drawings.

“Colin absolutely loved the mural. Today was awesome, especially having the kids here to see it.

Hillingdon Times: Jackson and Cross unveil the mural alongside the artist Bradley Woods and the children from Ninian Park Primary SchoolJackson and Cross unveil the mural alongside the artist Bradley Woods and the children from Ninian Park Primary School

“The campaign is to highlight sports and the Olympic Games and there's no better place to do it then on the streets of Cardiff.”

Ninian Park Primary’s Year Four class teacher Owain Carter said: “We decided to get involved with the campaign because we were teaching the children about success and sacrifice.

Purplebricks are aiming to encourage the nation to get behind Team GB on their journey to Tokyo, with the same amazing home support as London 2012.

“One thing we looked at was sporting success so we thought it was a great campaign to get involved with Team GB and Purplebricks.

“The children were especially interested in looking at athletes like Sky Brown, Jonny Brownlee, and Katarina Johnson-Thompson to name a few.

"They have been really keen with the Home Support campaign and can't wait for the Olympics now.”

Victor Lin, 9, from the school said: “I loved colouring in the pictures. I am proud of myself because we helped with the art.

“I can't wait to watch Team GB this summer!"

Purplebricks is working with communities, athletes, and local artists to create commemorative murals for Team GB, encouraging the nation to show home support and get behind the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. Visit @PurplebricksUK or https://www.purplebricks.co.uk/team-gb