SUPPORTERS of the Hillingdon branch of the RSPCA are counting the cost after its animal transport van was damaged by an unknown driver today (29) at 11am.

The branch covers Uxbridge, Slough, South Bucks and surrounding areas.

Its air-conditioned van was damaged was struck in Reynolds Road, Beaconsfield, by someone who drove off without leaving any details.

The branch is appealing for any witnesses in the area to come forward. The number to call is 01895 833417.

Volunteer Jenny Hodge said: “After such a difficult year, this is just another devastating blow to the charity.

“It now has both vans off the road (the other is also being repaired), so this is greatly hindering essential work in helping animals in need.

“The cost of repairing the van (which will need a new door and panel) is likely to be substantial.”