HAYES and Harlington MP John McDonnell joined residents and councillors on Sunday to call on the Government to end night flights at Heathrow.

It precedes the second part of the consultation on night flight policy, which closes on  September 3.

Night flights affect thousands of people across large swathes of London and the Thames Valley.

Stop Heathrow Expansion is asking for night flights to be banned completely, to allow an eight-hour period where residents are not disturbed.

Mr McDonnell told the gathering: “We have the ongoing threat of a third runway, which would obliterate this community but also the quality of life that people have, particularly impacted by night flights.

“We are campaigning for the end of Heathrow expansion but also the ending of night flights so people can get a decent night’s sleep.”


People can send the Government their views by emailing night.flights@dft.gov.uk. A name and address should be included.