A SCHEME allowing residents to sponsor new trees and have them planted in their streets has been launched in Hillingdon.

The council is one of the first in the capital to sign-up to Trees For Streets, a national initiative to increase street tree numbers and create greener communities. It is being run by the charity Trees for Cities.

People will be able to ask for a tree to be planted in their street by making an online sponsorship donation.

They will also be able to choose whether to water the tree, too, helping give them a sense of ownership and involvement.

Those interested residents can ask for a tree to be planted at a suggested location through the council’s website.

The borough’s green spaces team will then assess the location and, if it’s suitable, will make arrangements to plant the tree.

People can choose between two types of sponsorship: they can opt to sponsor the tree and water it themselves, or to sponsor the tree but have the council water it.

As part of a sister scheme, they can also sponsor trees to be planted in the borough’s parks.

These would mark celebrations and positive life moments, such as weddings, anniversaries and graduations, so that each tree has its own, happy story.

Hillingdon is already working with Trees For Cities, with more than 230 residents helping to plant trees across the borough. 

These include 50 new fruit trees in Colham Green, providing foraging opportunities for insects and birds. 

Visit //www.hillingdon.gov.uk/sponsor-a-tree