HE has won numerous accolades for his work as a music video producer and normally fills his days alongside stars like Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Drake, Iggy Azalea and Stormzy.

However, award-winning artist Daps took time out of his busy schedule to return to school – in Uxbridge!

He agreed to host Zoom sessions with more than 100 students at Park Academy in Park View Road.

For almost an hour on two consecutive days, Daps gave career advice and took questions.

His jet-set lifestyle is a far cry from his childhood growing up in Hendon, but he regrets not applying himself enough in his school days.

“My mum saved every single one of my school reports from primary school to GCSEs and, looking back on my reports, I was so disappointed in myself,” he admitted.

“Why didn’t I attack and apply myself in the correct way? There are no shortcuts and there are no tricks. When you start applying yourself, that’s when you’re going to see those results.

‘Life is going to knock you down over and over again. You’re going to hear ‘no’ more than you hear ‘yes’.

“I want you all to know the real failure is not applying yourself and [thinking] it’s OK to fail.”

Daps’ company recently made a new TV show, Highlife, which launched on Channel 4.

He told students: “There is a role for everybody in this industry, creative and non-creative. It’s not just about being a director or producer.

“You could be a colour grader – it’s similar to what you do on your phones every day when you upload a picture, put a filter on it and do some face tuning.”

Before closing, he reminded them of the importance of finding a career they are passionate about.