A NORTHWOOD man is part of a group suing Mercedes over its role in the so-called Dieselgate scandal.

The car manufacturer is accused of using defeat devices to avoid complying with the law on diesel emissions.

Affected vehicles were made between 2008 and 2018, and drivers can join the claim if they purchased their affected vehicle new or second hand.

It is estimated 600,000 Mercedes vehicles in the UK may be affected, with a potential one million individuals able to make a claim. The value of each claim could reach £10,000.

People can check if a vehicle they own, or have owned in the past, was impacted and if they are eligible to join the claim on https://bit.ly/3ErtmzD

Once the scandal was revealed, Mercedes recalled vehicles to provide them with a software update, known as a ‘fix’, to make them comply with emissions regulations.

In a survey of Slater and Gordon’s claimants, 25% of those who had the 'fix' experienced reliability issues.

Graham Butler, of Northwood, is working with consumer rights lawyers Slater and Gordon to bring the claim.

Mr Butler said: "My son was driving my car to Slovakia with his wife and three young children when the problems started.

“Part-way through Germany, the AdBlue indicator came on and said they had only 1,000 miles left on the clock.

“On the journey back, he reached Folkestone and the car refused to start. He had to be towed off [the Shuttle].

“The driver told him he was the fifth diesel Mercedes to be towed off that morning, all with the same problem.”

Mercedes has indicated its intention to fight claims launched in the UK, forcing customers to take Mercedes to court to secure compensation.