LEAVING home for the first time - whether to start a job or to embark upon life at university - can be daunting.

For students at Park Academy in Uxbridge, this all-important step has been made easier with the help of life lessons. 

Year 13 pupils were taught how to budget, the importance of household chores - and they have all mastered one basic recipe.

Vanya Harris, careers lead at the Park View Road school, said: ‘’The sessions focused on different aspects of leaving home or living independently.

“There were modules on what to do and what not to do when renting a university property or one owned by a landlord. 

‘’Another session focused on finance and budgeting and how students should make the most of their money to get through your university years.’’

Students were also given workbooks and exercises to complete. Following positive feedback, Ms Harris said all Year 12 students would have similar sessions slotted in the summer term.