AN emotive new video encourages more people in Hillingdon to consider fostering siblings.  

Roy, 60, and Filomena, 58 first fostered siblings aged two to four, who had been removed from a household of ongoing neglect and abuse. 

There are around 300 children currently in care in Hillingdon, many of them siblings, and it can be particularly difficult to find foster homes for them. 

Filomena said: “When we first met the brother and sisters, I could feel myself welling up as they were so malnourished, their hair was dirty, their clothes were old and far too small for them.

“We could see how neglected they had been, and I cried so much.  

“As they began to relax more and settle in, it was incredible to watch them grow in confidence in a safe environment.

“It’s really sad to learn what the children have been through, but fostering can make the biggest difference to their lives.” 

Hillingdon Council tries to keep young siblings together when they come into care. The new video shows how rewarding fostering them can be. 

Roy said: “If you’re thinking about fostering, it’s imperative that you are committed, and you must never let them down as they have been rejected so many times before.

“Looking after more than one child may seem overwhelming at first, but if you put in the time, love and affection you will reap the rewards and make a real difference.” 

Cllr Jane Palmer, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “You will be fully supported every step of the way.”  

For more about fostering, visit //, call 0800 783 1298, or email