Pregnant Women with a due date in September, will have recently discovered that they are expecting a baby. For almost half of them (45%), this would have been a surprise. 

Data from the Office of National Statistics reports that the final week in September is the most popular time for births, with September 26th being the most popular day for babies to be born over the last two decades. This means that women across the country will now be preparing for the arrival of their babies.

For the 45% of women who were surprised by the news, as well as for those who planned their pregnancy, eating a balanced diet and keeping well is important for a healthy pregnancy. Looking after yourself when you’re pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, brings changes to your life and routine, well before your baby is born. 

But amid the initial excitement and planning the practicalities of midwife appointments, baby supplies and estimating a due date, here are some top tips for mums-to-be: 

Book in with your midwife by contacting your local midwife services or your GP 

Ask your midwife about antenatal classes or courses to help you prepare and meet other new parents to be

Limit your caffeine intake to no more than 200mg a day4 

Stay active! Keeping up your normal physical activity can help your body adapt to your pregnancy

If you’re not already, start taking Folic Acid and Vitamin D with a multivitamin and multimineral like Bassetts Vitamins Pregnancy 

Check with your midwife you are up-to-date with all the vaccinations you need in pregnancy, including whooping cough, COVID-19 and flu in the winter

Try to get used to a daily routine early, so you’re in a rhythm for when your baby arrives

Don’t over-search everything, it will only make you worry! Instead check in with your midwife for any concerns, or look at trusted websites for advice like the NHS or RCOG 

Eat healthily, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid processed, fatty and salty foods 

Finally… Don’t panic! You’ve got this! 

Bassetts Vitamins has partnered with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) in recognition of their mutual support of women’s health, focused on good maternal nutrition during pregnancy. Bassetts Vitamins Pregnancy contain several nutrients including Folic acid which contributes to maternal tissue growth, at the level recommended by the UK Department of Health and Social Care, plus Vitamin D to support healthy bones and muscles, and Omega-3 DHA which is an essential fatty acid. It also includes Zinc to help support the immune system and Iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and comes in a tasty, easy-to-take strawberry & orange flavour pastille. 

Dr Jo Mountfield from RCOG said: “We are pleased to be working with Bassetts Vitamins to support women who are planning a pregnancy and those who are pregnant. Typically, most women discover that they are pregnant around week 5 or 6, which is the perfect time to book in with a midwife to talk through everything from healthy eating and vitamin supplements to getting the recommended vaccinations in pregnancy."

As half of pregnancies are not planned, many women may not have thought about taking supplements to support their vitamin and mineral intake. We want to encourage women to lead a healthy lifestyle, and while most vitamins can be obtained from a balanced and healthy diet, it is recommended that all pregnant women in the UK take Folic Acid and Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy. We want to support women to make informed and personal decisions about their own health and that of their baby’s.

Bassetts Vitamins Pregnancy is currently available from Boots, Superdrug and will be available from other Grocery retailers from February. The RRP is £14. Further guidance on nutritional needs during pregnancy can be found by visiting the RCOG website and guidance from the NHS: