Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading health provider, is working with England Rugby to encourage women to talk openly about their health. The initiative aims to change the conversation around women’s health and challenge taboos when it comes to topics such as periods and body image. Together they aim to improve awareness and encourage open cultures so that more women enjoy and benefit from participation in rugby.

As the trusted healthcare partner to England Rugby, and a thought leader in women’s health Simplyhealth will be providing tools, expertise and insights through content and community events outlining the challenges faced by sportswomen.  The campaign also includes discussions on gender equality and the stereotypes that still exist when it comes to women’s rugby.

The partnership will feature a content series, released in the lead up to Women’s Health Awareness Month (May), featuring Red Roses players - Leanne Infante, Lark Davies and Vicky Fleetwood and amateur women’s rugby players Molly Sanghera and Eloise Kirby, from Lichfield Rugby Club.

Chrissy Fice, Marketing Director at Simplyhealth comments: “This partnership is incredibly important to us – we want to help more women be aware, confident and well supported so that they enjoy sport and the healthy benefit it brings. Talking about women’s health is where it starts, this initiative with the RFU kickstarts our One Million Comfortable Conversations. Together we are encouraging women to start talking, especially about the things we don’t always find easy to say.”

Alex Teasdale, Head of Womens Game commented“We’re really pleased to be working with Simplyhealth on such an important initiative. Many women and girls of all ages can find it difficult to talk about women’s health, which when you consider is something that affects 51% of the UK population is certainly something that needs to change. There are a raft of really important topics that the comfortable conversations campaign begins to unlock, and a big thank you to the Red Roses and players from Lichfield Rugby Club for kick starting the discussion – we hope many more voices will join over the coming months.”

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