FOR the Platinum Jubilee, Barratt London planted 982 trees across its developments in the capital, including 241 at its Hayes Village development in Nestles Avenue.

The trees were planted with the help of pupils from Featherstone Primary and Nursery School, Southall, and Minet Infant and Nursery School, Hayes, as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy.

Nigel Thomas, Year 4 Leader at Featherstone Primary and Nursery, said: “We’re always trying to find different ways to educate our pupils about their environmental impact.

“The tree planting has supplied a tangible experience on the benefits of tree planting for future generations.”

Sundip Bhambra, Year Group Leader for Year One at Minet Infant and Nursery, added: “The children were excited to get some time outside in the sunshine to celebrate the Jubilee, which has been a subject we’re learning about in the classroom.”