PLANS for a new Hillingdon Hospital were officially received today (22) by the council.  

It will have the same mix of services as at present and be built next to the current hospital, which will remain open during construction.  

Significant improvements for patients include: 

A 40 per cent increase in floorspace

An increase from 484 to 492 beds

More single bedrooms (from around 28% to more than 70%)

More CT scanners (from the present two to five) and more MRI scanners (from two to three)

An expanded critical care department

An entirely new emergency department.

A summary of the plans – including a scale model of what the new hospital might look like – is available to see in person at an exhibition in Uxbridge Library from today to July 27. 

The exhibition includes artist impressions as well as more information on how the plans should improve care and services. 

You can also visit New Hillingdon Hospital redevelopment exhibition page   

At a glance: More features of the new hospital  


A new midwife-led unit co-located to the labour ward for seamless and safe transfer when needed 

Children and Young People (CYP) 

Separate in-patient area for older children (adolescents) and more than 80% single rooms 

Specially designed cubicles to treat children and young people in the emergency department 

More day cases 

Increased treatment facilities in outpatients means more surgery is possible as day cases, relieving pressure on theatres 

Better place to stay 

In-patient wards at the top of the building to take advantage of natural light and views 

Infection control 

More infection control, such as isolation rooms and ability to separate patient flows