GILL Turner enjoys hanging out with the Penguins three times week.

The West London swimming club has been a home from home for the 80-year-old for more than half a century.

"I swim in the older ‘masters’ group and we usually complete anywhere between 60-80 lengths in the slow lane depending on how much energy we have," she said.

It seems age is just a number to the octogenarian who likes a challenge in the shape of long-distance walking, trail marathons and open-water swimming with the self-styled Wet Suit Wonders.

“I like to think of these things as an experience and it was certainly that trying to get in and out of wet suit for the first time" she admitted.

Gill has also completed several long-distance walks. including the 192-mile Coast to Coast, the West Highlands Way and the mountainous Tramuntana Trail in Mallorca.

Her sports-mad dad instilled a love of exercise in her but she says it is important to find an activity you enjoy.

“I don’t pay much attention to my age. You shouldn’t use it as an excuse not to do things,” she said.