DOGS Trust at Harefield, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, wants to say a massive THANK YOU to all its volunteers this National Volunteer Week.

Jo Gowing, its Volunteer Coordinator, said: “We are really lucky to have an amazing, dedicated team of volunteers who give their time selflessly and without any expectation of recognition or reward. 

“Every minute they donate helps towards making the dogs lives better.

“National Volunteer Week gives us the chance to let them know just how much their hard work is appreciated. We really could not do what we do without them!”

Volunteer John Bailie has adopted from the rehoming centre and given up hours of his time helping in kennels.

He said: “We have adopted three dogs from Dogs Trust. Each has been a wonderful addition to our family, giving us no end of love and happiness.

“Volunteering enables me to help the organisation in a very practical way. My hope is that, by helping the rehoming centre, more families will also be able to experience the love and happiness we have enjoyed by adopting a dog.”

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