A PROTEST against plans to build homes on the site of the old Yiewsley swimming pool is to be held there next Saturday (17) from 11am-1pm.

The theme of Forever Recreational Not Residential is to recognise a covenant from 1926 that aimed to protect it from development.

The land was sold by William Knowles to the old Yiewsley and West Drayton Council in 1934 for recreational use.

The covenant ruled: “No buildings other than lodges, bandstands, lavatories, cricket pavilions, refreshment rooms, shelters, sheds and buildings of a like nature shall at any time be erected on any part of the said piece of land.”

Councillors from the Labour group on Hillingdon Council are supporting the protest and point to 300-plus objections from people in the area.

Hillingdon’s majority Conservative group is looking to overturn the covenant, which would allow it to build homes on the site.

The Platinum Jubilee Leisure Centre is currently being built to replace the disused pool in nearby West Drayton. 

Ward councillor Sital Punja said: “Yiewsley is being built up like a concrete jungle with no extra infrastructure to support the increase in population in the area.”