A third of British revellers admit to driving home from festivals when tired, according to new research.

And with the dangers of being tired at the wheel compared to drink driving, festival-goers are now being urged to take a post-festival rest-ival this summer.

Nearly a third (32%) of those who have attended festivals and concerts admit to driving while tired – the equivalent of 70,000 tired drivers from a festival the size of Glastonbury alone.

The research revealed the drive home after a festival is the most challenging of the year (24%), beating driving home for Christmas (21%) and driving back from a staycation (20%) for Gen Z and Millennials.

With festival ticket sales set to surpass pre-Covid levels, heycar polled their 2000 strong team of heycar Heroes and are now partnering with The Sleep Geek, James Wilson, to offer advice and tips to UK motorists on how to prepare for these journeys and get the most out of a post-festival REST-ival.

Hillingdon Times:

Wilson said: “When visiting a festival, sleep is probably not at the top of our list of priorities, but when it comes to the long drive home, we need to make sure we are alert enough to drive safely.

“For most of us having less than 6 hours sleep for a night can impact our decision making and alertness and when you factor in how alcohol impacts the quality of our sleep, you can see why a festival might not be the best preparation for a long drive.

“Although, whilst your car isn’t the first choice of location to get some recuperative sleep, you can make it a lot more comfortable, and a relaxing haven for a much needed 40 winks.”

With 10-20% of all crashes estimated to be caused due to driver fatigue, motorways and dual carriageways are where most crashes happen.

With festivals happening in rural settings, and with party goers travelling long distances to let their hair down, the risks are clear.

Following a dance filled weekend in notoriously un-comfy conditions, just 29% of Brits have pulled over on the way home from a festival due to tiredness.

As the craving for home comforts takes over, 40% want to get home for a comfy rest, while 34% prioritise showering and 18% look forward to home cooking.

When it comes to preparing for any unseen roadside issues, being tired behind the wheel is still something Brits aren’t ready for. With 7/10 UK road users prepping their cars with water (68%), a first aid kit (58%) and even spare clothes (36%) for long journeys, just one fifth (20%) of Brits keep basic bedding in their car in case they need to rest in the car.

To help, Wilson advises handy hacks to navigate the dangers of driving tired during the holidays including nap-packing your car, timing your snooze and sitting back and relaxing.

Charlotte Ford, Head of Brand Marketing & Engagement, said: “Who doesn’t love a great festival?

“This summer alone we’re proud to be sponsoring Hampton Court Palace Festival, Goodwood Festival of Speed and Big Feastival to name a few.

“While basking in these moments is important, it is equally important to ensure that people are looking after themselves and getting enough rest before taking to the road.

“Festivals are all about a shared experience and a kinship between strangers.

“We hope people can take this kind outlook with them when driving home and ensure they look out for themselves and others when on the road.”