A ONE-bedroom bungalow in West Drayton has been converted into a four-bedroom home through Hillingdon Council’s homes extension programme.

The bungalow, in Harmondsworth Road, became empty in June 2022, but after a makeover is now a family home with access for wheelchair users.

The garage was converted into two further bedrooms, a new kitchen was fitted, additional storage cupboards added, along with new windows and external doors. The conversion cost £176,000.

The project was started in May 2022 to meet a demand from larger families or for specialist homes.

Since the project got underway, seven properties have been finished, with a further three nearing completion and 10 more in the pipeline.

Most of the homes converted have been semi-detached and terraced houses which were extended by creating rear extensions or using a loft conversion. This was the first to use a bungalow and convert the garage space.

Conversions have been taking place throughout the borough and are made possible when an existing council home becomes vacant.