NEARLY half the population is annoyed with neighbours’ dustbin habits.

People do not like bins to be left outside on the street, with one in five believing they should be taken in immediately after collection if the resident is at home.

More than a third think bins should not be outside for more than 12 hours.

Research by Churchill Insurance explores the bin habits people find most frustrating.

Overfilling (15%), leaving bins out for days after collection (14%), and not clearing up rubbish from bags that have been ripped open by animals (14%) top the list.

Uxbridge resident Steven Halo said: “There's an ongoing situation where one of the houses [in our street] puts the bin out on any day.

“As a result, we often have rubbish piling up on the corner of the street, including nappies and cat litter, which, unfortunately, attracts foxes.

“It's become so frustrating that some other neighbours took matters into their own hands.

“They've made a sign and placed it on bins to let them know about the issue and when the bin day is. At one point, the area was even cordoned off with red and white tape."

Sarah Khan Churchill, head of the firm’s home insurance, said: “Stepping out of the house to be met by bins that have been left out is a major frustration for a staggering 30 million people across the UK. Despite this, many of us are guilty of bad bin etiquette.

“With the weather taking a brisk, autumnal turn, it’s so important bins aren’t left out with the risk of being knocked over or carried by the wind, potentially damaging yours or a neighbour’s property.

“Bringing bins back in straight after collection could save you having to fork out for costly repairs – and it’ll be sure to put you in your neighbours' good books too!”