DOG owners are being urged to seek guidance website on how to help their pets stay safe and settled during fireworks.

Top tips from Dogs Trust West London at Harefield include: 

  • Plan ahead by closing curtains, keeping on lights and the TV to create a safe space    
  • Teach pups to be relaxed with noises Sounds Scary is a firework soundtrack which can help your puppy deal with distressing noises
  • Adapt your routine gradually change in the weeks leading up to events, like walking them in daylight.
  • Ensure your dog has an established safe space some will benefit from having a safe place to retreat to should they feel worried by fireworks.

Richard Moore, centre manager at Harefield, said: “Fireworks season can be distressing for our four-legged friends, so it is important owners prepare early.  

“As we move into autumn and winter, there are lots of loud celebrations which take place, including Diwali, Hallowe’en, and Bonfire Night.  

“Noise-related fear is very common in dogs of all ages and can have an impact on their wellbeing.

“By following our top tips and advice, owners can help their dogs cope during this noisy period.” 

The charity also recommends noting down how your dog reacted during the fireworks and what worked well to help them cope.