PEOPLE in Hillingdon are being encouraged to sponsor a tree for their road in time for the winter planting season.

As part of Hillingdon Council’s ongoing partnership with the national charity Trees for Streets, they can apply to have a tree planted outside their home or in a school, favourite park or green space.

Residents have the option to club together for a tree to be planted and share the costs or use Trees for Streets’ new crowd-funding feature.

They can also sponsor a 'celebration' tree, marking a special occasion, to be planted in one of the borough's parks or green spaces.

Applications need to be submitted before December 4.

Helena Wright and Adrian Fenton had a cherry tree planted outside their home in Ruislip in February.

Helena said: “When we moved to the area, we were keen to have more trees outside our new house, for shade, clean air and to have a greener view from our windows. 

“We have lived in Hillingdon for a year and a half and it is great to see so many young trees being planted.”

More than 135 trees were planted across the borough during the 2022/23 season, including lime, maple, birch and cherry.