SOCIAL housing properties are being given a carbon-friendly makeover by Hillingdon Council.

To date, 61 properties have been completed out of 158 earmarked for the first round of upgrades. The government-funded scheme began in February 2022.

The initiative targets properties with a lower energy efficiency (EPC) rating and covers a range of improvements to bring them in line with modern standards.

Work can include cavity wall insulation, external walls, loft insulation and double glazing.

Among those already enjoying the results is Janet Beasley, who moved into her home in Braybourne Close, Uxbridge, in 2021.

Through the scheme, Janet’s home got a new heat recovery ventilation system, double glazed windows and new front door with porch canopy and cavity wall insulation.

Previously, the property was drafty and cold, but now she says it’s made a huge difference.

She said: “Before, even with the heating on, I could not get warm.

“Now, while we have had this awful weather, even without the heating on, my house is nice and warm. It’s brilliant.”

The council secured £1.5m funding and is now looking to apply for further help to bring even more homes in the borough up to higher efficiency standards.

Cllr Eddie Lavery, Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, said: “The benefits for residents of having their homes become more energy efficient are multiple.

“Less exposure to damp and cold means a reduced chance of illness in the winter months, plus the financial bonus of reduced heating costs.”

Households eligible for the scheme will be contacted by the council and offered the improvement work.