A CUSTOM bike builder from Hillingdon has been restoring motor cycles to raise money for Royal Brompton heart and lung hospital. 

Paul Sands, who was British CRMC Classic Sidecar Champion in 2018, has spent years restoring motor cycles for his charity calendar, which takes eight months to compile. 

Mr Sands, a mechanic of 50 years, decided to use his skills to raise funds for the hospital after his daughter was admitted for a lung problem there more than 30 years ago. 

He was told by nurses that Annaka, who was just four years old at the time, would not make it. However, staff miraculously managed to clean her lung out and she has suffered no long-term effects. 

Mr Sands added: “Thanks to all the NHS doctors and nurses, she made a full recovery and now I am lucky enough to have two lovely grand-daughters.” 

Annaka, now 35, works in a nursery and enjoys seeing her own children get involved with their grandfather’s builds. She also helps with photographing the bikes.

Mr Sands is now selling his bikes to help the NHS support families in a similar situation through his Facebook page

He will showcase them at Kempton Park racecourse on December 2.