A MAN who refused to accept that a woman did not want a relationship with him brutally attacked and murdered her.

Sheldon Rodrigues, 30, of Willenhall Road, Hayes was found guilty of the murder of Stephanie Hansen, 39, following a trial at the Old Bailey.

Rodrigues was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing on Friday, March 8.

Det Chief Insp Neil John, who led the investigation, said: “For years, Stephanie Hansen tried to extricate herself from Sheldon Rodrigues’ attention, attempting to make him understand there was no chance of their friendship developing any further.

“Rodrigues refused to accept this and embarked on a campaign of persistent harassment, a campaign that became more intense and sinister as it reached its violent conclusion.

“Stephanie was brutally attacked in her own home by someone she had known for years.

“It was clear she had become exhausted by Rodrigues’ persistent attention and was trying to find a way out."

The court heard how Rodrigues and Stephanie had known each other since around 2015, prior to them moving in together at the house in Willenhall Road in 2022.

Stephanie wanted to share bills and to reduce the cost of living. Rodrigues wanted an intimate relationship, but she wanted them to be merely friends.

His behaviour became more sinister in the second half of 2022 when Stephanie began a relationship with another man.

Rodrigues’ comments intimated threats of violence to both Stephanie and her partner.

He sent anonymous messages to Stephanie’s workplace in an attempt to undermine her new relationship.

He also purchased covert monitoring equipment, including spy cameras and listening devices, which he installed around their house.

On the morning of December 30, it came to a shockingly violent conclusion.

Rodrigues launched a ferocious attack on Stephanie, stabbing her multiples times. Given the frenzied nature of the attack, he sustained cuts to both of his hands in the process.

It was only at around 10am the following day that he called the emergency services, pretending he had just found Stephanie’s body.

Rodrigues attempted to point the finger of blame on Stephanie’s boyfriend, but his story quickly began to unravel.

With evidence mounting, he was charged with Stephanie’s murder.