HS2 has completed a two-year project to rebuild Harvil Road, Harefield by incorporating an improved section of the highway into the high-speed rail scheme.

Work to build the 870-metre section of Harvil Road, between Harefield and Ickenham, which is crossed by the new railway, began in January 2020.

Each carriageway is wider than the road it replaces.

Carried by a new bridge over HS2, users of the 1.8m-wide footpaths will be able to glimpse trains travelling at up to 200mph as they run between the Copthall tunnel and the Colne Valley viaduct.

The road was reopened last Friday (2).

HS2 project client director Malcolm Codling said: “It’s great to see this new section of Harvil Road replace the old carriageway. We’ve taken considerable care to design a road that works for all users.”

The old section of Harvil Road, which can be seen on maps dating back to the mid-18th century, was closed to traffic as the new stretch opened.

It will now be removed and the land under and around it greened with tree and shrub planting.