A COMPLEX Met  Police investigation, harnessing specialist digital techniques, has led to a dangerous sexual predator being jailed.

Detectives identified Benjamine Webb after reviewing a huge volume of indecent online content and also matching photos of his distinctive tattoos, taken in custody, with those in a video of a child being abused.

Webb, 30, of Drayton Gardens, West Drayton, spent years gaining the trust of the victims’ families and was sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court to 17 years and nine months.

A number of children were safeguarded as a result of the officers’ work and, when he is eventually released from prison, Webb will be placed under stringent police management.

Det Con Samantha Thompson, who co-ordinated the work of specialist colleagues, said:

“This was a truly horrific set of crimes. This man preyed on young children and exploited them.

“What he did was wicked, building up relationships with their parents and ruthlessly manipulating them to think he was a person who could be trusted.

“Our role has been to give a voice to these innocent children. Having to break the news of what happened to their parents, was one of the most difficult jobs any police officer will face in their work.

“While our investigation was very thorough, we are aware there may be more victims who have yet to be identified.

“If there are any parents with concerns, we urge you to get in touch so we can give you and your children the support you need.”

The investigation began when an indecent photograph of a child was uploaded to social media platform Kik.

Police were able to identify Webb as the suspect and he was arrested.

Officers examined phones, laptops and a hard-drive and found hundreds of images and videos of child sex abuse, many of which related to three particular young children.

Webb offended against both boys and girls, aged between one and nine years old, in the nearby area. All these children and their families were known to him.

He photographed and filmed them naked, sexually assaulted them in videos and distributed the material to other offenders online.

If you wish to contact police about the investigation into Webb, call police on 101, quoting Operation Snakeroot.