A GROUP of 50 volunteers from the General Mills food company in Uxbridge is helping Iver Environment Centre to mark World Earth Day.

Iver is one of four environmental education centres across the country which are owned by the National Grid. Volunteers are helping prepare for the busy spring season.

Continuing an Earth Day tradition, which has been going on for more than a decade, General Mills staff worked in small teams to clean up the play area ahead of the summer term.

They also created a planting and learning zone for visitors, prepared allotments for the growing season and built items for the early years area.

Jonathan Bennett, Director of External Relations at General Mills in Harman House, George Street, said: “We are committed to inspiring others to look after the environment in which we grow our food."

Emma Rust, from Iver Environment Centre, added: “General Mills has been a loyal supporter for many years. The work employees do is a great help and recognised by the community.”