BEST friends greyhound Olive and lurcher Bree are looking for their forever home, having spent more than 400 days at the Dogs Trust West London rehoming centre in Harefield.

The six-year-old pair are in search of a joint home where they can spend lots of time with their favourite people.

The dynamic duo enjoy going out on adventures before chilling out on the sofas at home. Bree and Olive are happy to live with another dog and are looking to live with children older than primary school age. 

Olive is looking for a patient family as she can sometimes find it difficult to settle.  Her new family will need to give her time to do this at her own pace.

Both dogs are muzzle-trained and wear a muzzle in public as they have a high chase drive. Adopters will need to be continue this in the home.

Bree is a sweet and sensitive soul, who enjoys being in company. Olive brings a higher energy and playful side with such an exuberance for life.

Richard Moore, rehoming centre manager at Harefield, said:  “They share a beautiful friendship and would love to continue to share their lives as a pair.”

For details of Olive and Bree, go to the Dogs Trust West London website.