Fast-track Olympic lanes are planned for major routes such as the North Circular Road in Barnet should London be successful in its bid for the 2012 Olympic Games.

The plans raise the spectre of long-suffering commuters being crammed into even narrower lanes on roads which are already badly congested at the best of times to allow Olympic athletes and others connected with the Games to get to events on time.

Brian Coleman, the London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden, described the plans as 'fantasy land' and said London should not bid for the Games because its infrastructure is not up to it.

"Why are we bidding for the Olympics when we don't have the infrastructure to support such an event?

"I will only support an Olympic bid if, as a benefit, we get some of our problems sorted out such as the North Circular Road.

"At the moment we are getting nothing physical from the Olympics but residents will have to pay 240 20 on council tax each year. Barnet is getting nothing but the bill," he said.

A GLA spokesman said there were no details as yet on which roads would carry the special fast-track lanes.

He added that there would be lower than average traffic levels during the Olympic Games. The one per cent traffic increase that GLA has predicted for the Games would be more than cancelled out by the average ten per cent reduction in traffic during the month of August, he said.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has said bringing the 2012 Olympic Games to London is his highest priority.

He said: "Revitalising London's East End and showcasing the capital's rich cultural diversity are at the heart of the bid for London 2012. I have no higher priority."

Mr Livingstone is also asking the Government for an extra 900,000 a year to fund major transport projects such as the 700,000 tunnels under Henlys Corner and Golders Green Road.

But his demands are optimistic given that the Government had planned to slash London's budget rather than boost it, according to Mr Coleman. He said the Government plans to reduce the grant for London by 125million next year.