REGARDING pigeon policy at Ruislip railway bridge. I write in response to last week's article of September (Who's shooting all the pigeons?') to clarify for your readers our recent activity at a railway bridge next to Ruislip Gardens station.

As a responsible landowner and in direct response to calls from the local community, Network Rail is carrying out pigeon proofing' work on the section of the bridge that we own, the other section being the responsibility of London Underground.

The work involves the careful installation of wire mesh to prevent pigeons roosting in the bridge and creating a nuisance for people walking below.

This is done in stages to allow all inhabitant birds to vacate, and is followed by a period of regular inspections to ensure no pigeons could be hiding and therefore become trapped in the netting.

It is important for your readers to note that this work has not harmed any pigeons and we are not aware of any circumstances by which scores of pigeons could be trapped in netting and slowly starving to death', as suggested in your article.

Furthermore, we absolutely refute any implication in the article that our contractors or any member of our staff have been involved in the shooting or culling of pigeons at this bridge.

Any such allegation is completely unfounded.

Your report of injured and dead pigeons in or near sections of this bridge is of equal concern to Network Rail as your readers and we have already been in contact with PICAS to help them with their enquiries.

Laura Dobson, Network Rail Spokesperson